The new age Durga!

Mumbai based Garima Karwariya started her label in 2020 in the wake of the pandemic. Post completing her MBA she decided to pursue her passion, she used all the time she had while being on house arrest to sketch her take on the changing women of India. Being a part of the Gen-X generation she wants to spread love for Indian wear across Gen-Z and the coming generations. 

Garima's signature style is using modern silhouettes that rightly represent achievement of womanhood in the past few years and combining it with the traditional, timeless hand emroidery to create the new take on the Indian ethnic wear.

She along with her team of highly skilled craftsmen and karigars are here to stay in the industry and offer the best there is for all to enjoy!

About The Brand

Wear your inner beauty!

Women today are breaking all societal norms, voicing opinions, living a life which in the past would have started a war. This needs to be admired and celebrated. And, this is exactly what we want to do at Garima Karwariya Designs, be a part of each woman's celebration. 

Garima Karwariya Designs is a beautiful mix of modern silhouettes with hand crafted embroidery to create the modern indian womenwear. The brand is a tribute to Indian craftmanship by promoting it's Growth. Graceful, Contemporary, Dynamic, Festive, Celebratory are the adjectives we aim to achieve with our outfits. 

Delicate details, fine embroidery, master tailoring are sure to swoon and make the brand stand out in such a competitive industry.

We are here to Grow

Our Mission

To make luxury affordable to all. To make you wear your confidence. To speard love through our work.


Our Vision

To be a part of every woman's special day. To promote indian wear globally.


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